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Dibbles - Garden Dibbles


Unique handcrafted wood garden dibbles created to help with planting your seeds, seedlings or small plants.


A dibble, which is sometimes also known as a dibbler is a garden tool.  Gardeners use the special dibble or dibbler tool to make a hole in the soil for planting seeds.  The dibbles or dibblers are marked with specific measurements so you know exactly how deep you are making the hole for your seeds, offering a precise depth measurement for planting seeds or small plants with accuracy.  The ball-shaped top offers a comfortable handle to hold the dibble or dibbler firmly while working.  The flare and taper are marked with 1" markings up to a 6" depth for planting various size plants and seeds at their perfect depth.


Handcrafted Eastern Maple Wood Garden Dibble


This lovely hand-turned Eastern Maple garden dibble is perfect for the gardener in you! This wonderful handcrafted wooden dibble garden tool is created with a cone-shaped body with 1" depth markings up to 6" allowing you to plant your seedlings, seeds or small plants with accuracy.

The Eastern Maple wood used to create this beautiful wood dibble tool (also known as a dibbler) was rescued from a dumpster behind a local cabinet shop. The owner has given me permission to "rescue" his discards before they head to the dump or chipper/shredder. This gorgeous piece of Eastern Maple just called out to be used again. So, it has been rescued from sure destruction to become the perfect measuring tool for your garden!

Click here for more information or to purchase this Handcrafted Eastern Maple Wood Garden Dibble

*** If you are searching for a wood garden dibble in a specific wood type or color, please just drop me a note.  I'm happy to do my best to create a custom wood dibble garden tool just for you.

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