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handcrafted wood gift, fifth anniversary gift, housewarming gift, graduation gift, wedding gift, wood gift, wooden gift
handcrafted wood gift, fifth anniversary gift, housewarming gift, graduation gift, wedding gift, wood gift, wooden gift

#282  Oregon Western Maple Burl Wood Kaleidoscope

This beautiful and interesting Oregon western maple burl wood kaleidoscope is created using a lovely Western Maple Burl wood.  My daughter and her husband live in Oregon, home of the paper mill.  Well...we met a gentleman who worked at one of the many paper mills that are scattered around the state of Oregon.  He would meticulously go through the wood that came in each day and save the burls and other lovely pieces of wood from a fiery, mulchy, pulpy death.  So this gorgeous and interesting vase could have been a piece of writing paper but instead were recycled into this gorgeous piece for your home or office.

This unique and beautiful solid wood kaleidoscope is an artistic accent piece for your desk or shelf.  It is a lovely egg-shaped piece with gold-tone components.  They are sometimes referred to as eggoscopes.  Inside is a wonderful collection of colorful pieces that create beautiful patterns when held up to the light.  Turn your collectable kaleidoscope while peeking through the hole to view an ever-changing artistic pattern.

The kaleidoscope measures approximately 2 1/2" tall by approximately 2" wide.

The picture shows an example of the wood, however each piece is custom created to order.  So your kaleidoscope will have it's own unique wood grain and bark inclusions or voids.

We can also include a special gold-tone stand (shown in the picture to the left) created especially for your kaleidoscope for an additional $10.


Our Price:  $45.00  

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