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I am currently working on updating this page with all of the wonderful new wood pens in interesting new wood from my travels.  To see ALL of my wood pen collection, including an amazing pen set (with a pen, screwdrivers, exacto knife & more...), click HERE.


Wonderfully interesting wood pens individually handcrafted by Expressions in Wood.  Each pen with it's own unique story .  We have a vast selection of woods to choose from, each piece of wood with its own history and story to tell.  Each wood pen is individually handcrafted on my lathe.  The pen is then polished for a high sheen, smooth finish.

Own a piece of history ~ each of our wood pens comes with the history of the piece of wood it is created with along with general information about the wood itself.  You also receive information "about the artist".

The wood pens are functional as well as beautiful.  When the ink does run out, you can replace the cartridge with a cartridge from your local office supply store.


Wood pens make wonderful graduation gifts, Christmas gifts, father's day gifts...great gifts for any occasion.  Wood pens are beautiful, functional and are truly works of art.

Hawaiian Koa Wood Hand-Turned Curvy Wood Pen

On my recent annual trek to Hawaii, I found the most gorgeous curly grained Koa wood.  Curly grained Koa is a rare find and is getting more rare each year we travel on our yearly wood turning adventure.  I couldn't pass up this gorgeous wood.  It came home safely packed in my suit case.


Tulip Wood Hand-Turned Wood Pen

The lovely tulip wood used in this unique and beautiful pen is a great wood I found at a specialty wood shop in Oakland, California.  The color is rich and the grain is abundant.  Tulip Wood is an exotic hardwood that grows in Brazil.


Hawaiian Koa Wood Straight Hand Turned Wood Pen

On my recent annual trek to Hawaii, I found the most gorgeous curly grained Koa wood.  Curly grained Koa is a rare find and is getting more rare each year we travel on our yearly wood turning adventure.  I couldn't pass up this gorgeous wood.  It came home safely packed in my suit case.


Santa Barbara Manzanita Wood Hand-Turned Wood Pen

This pen is truly luxurious. The grain is mottled and abundant. It is a rich reddish brown color.

The manzanita root wood used to create this pen has been through the Santa Barbara fire, washed out to the Pacific Ocean and landed up on our local Surf Beach here in Lompoc, California.

The ink color is black.


Unique Lompoc Carob Wood Pen

The Carob Wood used in this piece was from a tree the city was cutting down on South G Street in Lompoc, California.  It was rescued from being snarled at and pulverized by a beastly chipper shredder!  Now it can assist in writing lovely letters and penning your secret thoughts rather than being mulch.


Imagine composing your next letter with a small bit of history. This gorgeous handcrafted wooden pen was designed from the wood of an old walnut tree that I stumbled across in Sacramento, California.  For thirty years I have held onto a few scraps of wood from that wonderful old walnut orchard, waiting for just the right project to bring out the true beauty of this wood.  You can still smell the walnut trees in the air as they stood graceful and powerful every time you pick up this pen.


The Chinese Elm wood used in this piece was a trimming from a tree on South U Street in Lompoc, California.  My daughter and her boys were driving through town one day and saw some tree trimmers.  She quickly rushed home to inform me of the "gold" that lay waiting.  As I approached the workers they were quickly feeding this amazing golden Chinese Elm wood into the chipper shredder to become mulch.  I quickly parked and asked if I could scavenge a few pieces from their trimmings pile.  They happily granted my request.  So the little piece of wood was saved from pending doom to create this wood pen just for you.


There is a local cabinet shop here in Lompoc, California that has given me permission to "dumpster dive" through their discards and scraps at the end of the work day.  One day I happened up the most wonderful light walnut piece.  The grain is abundant and striated.  The walnut wood begged to be rescued from the dumpster and of course I was just the person to rescue it and give it new purpose.


Olive Wood Hand-Turned Wood Pen

My son-in-law's dad knows I am a wood fanatic.  He had a neighbor who was trimming trees and making a firewood pile to share with his neighbors.  He took a bundle of trimmings and logs for his fire to keep his house warm during the cold Sacramento winters.  He brought home his bundle and gave me a call.  The next time I visited Sacramento, CA I pursued the firewood pile and rescued the several pieces from certain incineration.  The olive wood used to create this pen came eye to eye with a fiery furnace and has instead found new life as this writing instrument to warm your heart as you pen your thoughts on cold winter nights.


Being the scavenger seeker that I am, I decided to try to find other materials to use to create some of my pieces. I came across some lovely Corian counter top remnants and decided to see how Corian would turn on my lathe. To my pleasant surprise, it turned quite lovely! It gives the pen a nice weight as well.

This particular Corian piece is a wonderful speckled blue color.

It is also available in other colors, I will add them to the website as I create them. If you are searching for a particular color, just let me know and I'll see what I can scrounge up.



Unique Confetti Acrylic Polymer Hand-Turned Pen

This is such a fun pen! It is made with a popular countertop material that I have found to be a wonderful material to turn on my lathe. A local cabinet shop has given me permission to "dumpster dive" through their discards. So this lovely confetti pen was saved from life in the landfill.

Black ink and truly a unique piece.


Turning Wood into Treasured Keepsakes.

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