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May 1, 2020
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Maximizing a Less-Than-Perfect Room

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You love your house. It would be absolutely perfect for you - except for that one room; the one that just doesn't work for you. The one that makes you question judgment, if not the sanity, of the people who built or last remodeled your house. What can you do to at least salvage some of the worse basic design flaws and turn a chaotic room into a room that works for?

The following list can help you address the issues you may have with a less-than-perfect room.

Column in the Middle of the Room

You have lots of space in the basement but there is a weight bearing column right in the middle of you workspace. This is often the result of a basement that was finished later without forethought or else it is the product of an overzealous designer knocking out a wall he found out was load bearing. One option here is to make it a feature of an installation. You can build up a half wall to incorporate this or even have a bar area installed that goes up to the column - you don't have to drink to have a bar in the basement. It makes a nice place to keep snacks and sodas for game day as well. If neither of these ideas appeals to you too much, you can also mitigate the eyesore factor with a column wrap. Colum wraps come in a variety of styles and are very easy to install.

Slanted Ceiling

This room is okay except for the fact that you simply can't walk on one side without stooping or banging your head on the ceiling. There are a variety of fixes for this type of room - if it is spacious enough, the slanted part can be reused for storage by building in a set of cabinets there. If it is less than spacious, you can cut the flow of traffic out of that area by adding some low furniture like chairs or even a futon depending on the purpose of the room. Complete this effect with a modern area rug to direct traffic flow.

Small Window

Your room is a nice size and you have a large wall that just begs for a large window that you don't have. You can still give the illusion of a larger window with drapes that extend well beyond the window and stretch from the ceiling to the floor. Complement this with a mirror on another wall to reinforce the illusion of airiness.

Old Carpet

Should your budget prevent you from replacing your old, faded carpet, there are things you can do to buy time. A natural flokati area rug can be placed to create contrast and draw attention away from the old carpet. You can place wool flokati rugs on high traffic areas to hide the most worn-out spots on your carpet. These are just some tips you can use to provide painless solutions to most problems.


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