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June 1, 2020
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Multitool is the Must Have Unviersal Super Gadget

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The multitool is the must have tool for anyone in just about any occupation, hobby or trade. What can you do with one? Well, I would be more than happy to give you a slew of information on why you should consider adding one to your professional toolbox.

The multitool can be described in many ways. There are so many varieties available that target just about any individual need. There are also many designed for more generic and universal uses to encompass everything from the carpenter to the police officer or rescue worker.

I am not writing this to promote any specific brand or manufacturer. You will find good and bad out on the market. The best way to find a quality multitool is to simply take a look through a few pocket knife websites and find out about what is popular and recommended. There are a few knife sites out there with great information on knives, manufacturers, quality steel, and that sort of thing to get you started.

What do you do for a living? What hobbies do you enjoy? Are you a craftsman or artist? Do you enjoy gardening or hiking? Are you a mechanic or car hobbyist? Do you like to work on electronics; tweaking them to get the most output?

The multitool is compact, usually lightweight and often come with a leather or nylon carrying case that can be attached to the belt or to a pack of some sort. You will be able to eliminate so many other items that you may carry of keep often handy to do the tasks and chores that you enjoy doing. You will find that the multitool can substitute an entire toolbox should that be your desire.

Most mutlitools, if not all, are equipped with a screwdriver or an assortment of screwdrivers. This happens to be one of the most useful pieces of equipment for me in my lifestyle. Search for one that has the tips you need such as a Phillips or the more common flat head screwdriver.

Many mutlitools are equipped with files; which are extremely handy in a slew of situations. There are so many times when working with wood or even softer metals that you could use a file to work some over so that it may fit snuggly into its fitting. The multitool file is ideal for doing some touch up work on a piece of furniture before adding a bit of stain or paint.

The corkscrew is the show off tool that a person could definitely use if a love for wine is something that you enjoy. You might have a variety of cork screws in the drawer in your kitchen that you use to pop open that wine bottle. But, imagine yourself out at a social event or get-together with some friends and no corkscrew is available. Well, run out to your car or truck and grab that multitool. There you go; you have just saved the night. Just brush off those comments of being the local geek, they build character.

One item that I cannot also do without is one of those tiny little saws that come in a lot of multitools. I will use this item more than most of the tools and attachments. I find myself often needing to saw off a limb that is brushing against the house and do not feel like unlocking the storage room to retrieve a saw. This is perfect for that task if it is a moderate sized limb. I would not recommend trying to take down a tree with you multitool unless you are looking for a new forearm workout.

The needle nose pliers can be the answer to quite a few dilemmas. You ever had to peel back that rubber or plastic coating around a cable wire to repair it after the cat has chewed a hole through it? Here is your problem solver. The needle nose plier nested within your multitool can be an incredible help for this problem. I do not think you need a lesson on how to do this so we will move on.

The multitool has become a necessary part of my professional tools to take on the tasks that I face daily. I can honestly say that a day does not pass that I am not sawing, pulling, cutting, peeling, slicing, unscrewing or any other little chore. The handiest part of the whole idea is that the multitool rides on your hip just like a pocket knife if that is your need.


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