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March 4, 2020
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3 Drum Building Tips To Help You Make A Drum Set Like The Pros

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Drum building routines are discovered by pro drum makers after years worth of messing up, constant repetition and drum building experiments. Possessing the "drum building secrets" from years and years of practice would take... well... years and years of practice! Can't we skip some of that and learn from others? That's where our Guerrilla Drum Making DVD comes in; you can learn from 10 years of drum making mistakes, methods, and ideas.

In the DVD we steer away from the term "drum building secrets," and practice these three "drum building philosophies" that are necessary to follow if you want a good looking and sounding drum set (who doesn't?).

These are practices put to use by the big boys, so following these philosophies will not only help turn your DIY drum building project into a professional adventure, but also establish some great routines for future drum building projects.

#1: Save Time By Batching Your Drum Building Stages:

This is huge, people. Batching your drum building stages simply means to group similar activities together and do them all at the same time. This is the most simple drum building tip! Activities to batch in a drum building project could be the sanding stage of all your drum shells, glueing your drum wrap, staining all the shells, etc.

Batching the drum building stages are important for many reasons including time saving, the reduction of activity clutter, and finish consistency.

#2: Measure Twice, Drill Once:

I know... you've heard this a million times and drum building is no different: measure twice and drill your drum shells ONCE.

Drum building has a few crucial steps that are unforgiving and irreversible. One of them is the drilling stage. After you measure and mark all your hardware lines, you'd better do a quick double check before drilling.

#3: Set Your Drum Building Goals and Invest in Quality Products:

Drum building with poor products WILL yield poor results.

Think of the end goal and set your drum building budget accordingly. Do you, for example, want a studio kit or something to bash on the road and throw around every night without drum cases?

You get what you pay for, and you should be paying for products that are specific to your goals. If making a professional sounding and looking custom drum set is your goal... invest in the best.

If you're band sounds like the Ramones and you want to trash your drum set every night like Dave Grohl did... I would recommend investing in something that is LESS expensive and lesser in quality.

A lot of people first getting into drum building want to make the coolest looking drum set and the baddest sounding kit ever for $300.00

Is it doable?

Of corse... it's doable. There's a million situations where this could work out.

Remember that drum building to save money is a byproduct of drum building to make a killer, 100% one of a kind drum set that is perfect for you and your musical situation. Saving money and having a unique sounding set go hand in hand... and one shouldn't outweigh the other.


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