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September 2, 2020
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Cabinet Knobs - How to Decorate With Them

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Just about every woman has a dream home in mind, and tends to accent their home in that particular style. In every room of the home, a certain decorating theme will emerge that reveals a great deal about the person who spends the most time in that room. From country to modern, there is a style for everyone. Accenting the preferred style can be accomplished in numerous ways, but one way that delivers a grand finesse, yet is sadly overlooked, is accenting cabinet knobs.

Cabinet knobs are generally ignored by the average person, believing them to be only functional and necessary items. Rather, focus is spent on matching curtains, floor coverings, wall coverings and furnishings. While it is true that they are indeed necessary, they can not only be functional but also just as fun, whimsical, beautiful or interesting as every other piece that is accentuated in the room.

Cabinetry in the kitchen sets the tone of the entire room. Dark cherry, medium walnut, light oak; all colors and types generally attract the first attention of anyone walking into this room. And given the fact that the kitchen is one of the favorite gathering places of the home, many will notice the fine details given to decorating. Knobs on the very cabinetry that attracts attention can be chosen primarily for the purpose of accenting the overall dcor of the kitchen. For anyone who enjoys a country flair, cabinet knobs in shapes of farm animals, farm buildings, or farm machinery can be installed to add that special touch. A recent popular style of kitchen decorating is Italian wine caf style. To accent this style, knobs of grape clusters, Italian bread, or wine bottles could be used that would match curtains, dishware and decorations. If simplicity is your theme, accenting cabinet knobs made of similar materials predominate in your kitchen such as wood, metal or porcelain. Do you have a certain counter top that you absolutely love, made from Corian or granite? Extend that beauty to your cabinet knobs and drawer pulls, using that same material. Even if you are seeking only to match a color, there are numerous knob options for you to choose from that will certainly meet your needs. The possibilities are limited only to the imagination, with styles available at most local hardware stores.

Bedrooms are also prime areas where cabinet knobs are overlooked. Beautifully crafted knobs and drawer pulls are available to match most any dcor. Floral theme? Cabinet knobs are available in many floral styles that are sure to please. Children's bedrooms can be especially fun; use the alphabet letter of your child's first name as knobs in their room! For older children, a sports theme may be prevalent, and knobs featuring footballs, soccer balls and more can bring even more of this interest into the room.

Decorating a room can be so much fun, and can truly detail any dcor theme that you wish to occupy that room. Don't stop at matching curtains and furnishings; go all the way in decorating by adding accenting cabinet knobs for a finished appearance.


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