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October 13, 2020
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Choosing the Right Woodworking Tool Bits for Each Job

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Not all woodworking tool bits are created equal, so it is important not to treat them that way. While there are many different jobs that you might be able to do with one particular kind of tool bit, you are better off doing a little homework to find out if the wood tools you are using are really the best ones for each job you tackle.

The best way to know what woodworking tool bits you should be using is to understand a little about the most common bits you will find on the market. Following are the basics which will help you build a solid foundation for each and every project you plan.

Brad Point Bits
These are the perfect tool bits for woodworking projects as they are good at drilling into the wood while extracting the remnants as it goes in. However there can be some drawbacks: some tear-out might be experienced with some projects because these wood tools are a little longer than your average bit. These might be a better choice for larger projects.

End-Grain Bits
These look similar to brad point bits, but have a couple of differences. The first difference is that these particular woodworking tool bits have smaller spurs than brad points so they don't cause as much tear-out at the back end. The second is that each flute has a different angle ground into it.

Spade Bits
These are great hole starters due to their wide tips but they should be used for your smaller projects as they are not quite as strong and durable as they are precise. The small spurs score the wood efficiently and they are very affordable to boot.

V Point Bits
These woodworking tool bits were designed to allow you to drill holes at an angle when you need to. Their special design lacks a center point to make drilling at an angle an easy task to tackle. So whether you are trying to attach cabinets at a weird angle or you are working on elaborate counter top, this is the specialty bit to turn to.

Forstner Bits
You would use these wood tools to drill holes that are flat bottomed into wood. This is the tool to turn to when you need to drill overlapping holes. A great example of use would be drilling inserts for mounts and are best used as a drill press.

You will find that you can use various woodworking tool bits for more than one kind of project but having a variety on hand can help you to create better looking, sturdier, higher quality pieces that you can be proud of.


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